Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Calm Before the (Metaphorical) Storm

In a week from today I'll be married to my best friend! My last name will change, I'll board a flight to Thailand, and I'll (possibly) consider myself a grown up.  But I have to get through this week first.

I'm not sure I can count how many times I've heard, "You're so calm for someone who is planning a wedding," or "you're probably super stressed right now, huh?"  I find myself casually repeating things like "It will all come together," and "I've got a little time."

It could be that I'm just super chill and unstressed and I'm enjoying every minute. Or it could be that I'm in complete denial.

If there are stages of emotion in wedding planning, then I am definitely in the active avoidance phase.  (I mean I'm often does that happen?)  All of a sudden I can't focus on anything unless all of my homework is done; I am super concerned about missing Bruins games; and I can't wait to go on my next run.  I hate(d?) running. If we're speaking metaphorically, we can probably find some sort of underlying "running from wedding planning" theme here, but I'm pretty much just psyched that I don't cringe every time B suggests a sporting event or a jog.

I'm not completely avoiding all things wedding. My bachelorette was awesome. Amazing. I seriously have the best friends anyone could possibly have. I check the weather for next Saturday at least every hour. Because worrying about things I have zero control over is super helpful.

Every time I log onto Pinterest, I browse the wedding pins. But instead of searching for a pre-wedding quick fix diet/workout plan like a normal bride..I just scroll through as I munch on some pizza and sip on a beer.  I'm not sure how many brides'-to-be diets consist of pizza and beer, but I've pretty much become a Bertucci's regular since we've been home.  I purchased everything I need for a juice cleanse this week, but it somehow all got pushed to the back of the fridge. Not intentionally of course.  I even had a minor, wedding-stress-related break down. But after about 30 seconds of tears and a glass of wine, I was over it.

Not to worry.  I tried on my dress today and we're good to go for  next week.  I attended my trial appointment for my hair, (after postponing it a time or two,) and I got all of my vaccinations you need for traveling to a developing country.

So hopefully everything on my to-do list (that I can't remember where I put) gets done.  I'll start my juice cleanse tomorrow; I'll sort through the insane number of wedding related boxes that have taken over my parents' house; and I'll maybe wrap my head around the fact that my wedding is next weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and maybe send me some productivity vibes!

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